HP Z1 27-inch AIO Workstation Review

Performance Summary & Conclusion

There’s a lot to like about an all-in-one workstation. AIOs save space and reduce clutter in your work area. They’re also easier to move around – just pick it up and you’re ready to go. But maintaining and upgrading an AIO can be difficult, particularly if it’s not built with easy access in mind.

The HP Z1 Workstation successfully juggles several balls. It provides solid performance for the price, offering serious power for under $3,500. The system also scores well when it comes to access – in fact, it’s easier to get to the Z1’s internals than it is to access the guts of many ordinary desktops. You won’t need a flashlight to find your way around this system’s interior either; once that lid goes up, it’s wide open. The Z1 also has a polished, professional look, even from behind, so it's going to look nice on the desktop as well. 

Given the Z1’s performance and accessibility, we recommend it to anyone looking for serious workstation. Check out HP’s website for configuration options – if you don’t need quite as much power as our review unit provided, you can reduce that price tag significantly by choosing less-expensive parts.

  • Bright, 27-inch LED IPS display
  • Solid performance for content creation
  • Clean professional chassis
  • No bloatware
  • Last generation Bluetooth
  • Fewer USB 3.0 ports than some similar desktop models

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