HP Z1 27-inch AIO Workstation Review

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Gaming Performance & SPECviewperf

Obviously, the HP Z1 Workstation isn’t a gaming PC. But, who’s to say you won’t want to blow off a little steam at the office? To that end, we fired up one game and then got back to business with SPECviewperf.

Lost Planet 2
DX11 Gaming Performance

Lost Planet 2

We used Lost Planet 2 to test system’s DX11 performance. This game’s benchmark features soldiers attempting to take down a massive beast that seems to shrug off their firepower. There is a ton of action in the five or so minutes of benchmark run, and we’ve seen the test stutter when being run by lesser systems. We used Test B and set all graphics settings to High Quality. We also boosted the Anti-Aliasing setting to 4x before we ran the benchmark.  

The scores here prove that AIOs generally aren’t good gamers. Where gaming systems we’ve tested (with cards like the Titan for firepower) can score more than 100fps in this benchmark, the Z1’s best shot came in at a mere 34.2fps.

SPECviewperf 11
Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application

SPECviewperf 11

One graphics benchmark you won’t see in gaming system reviews is SPECviewperf. This is a solely workstation-oriented benchmark that runs the system through a number of pro applications like Lightwave and Maya (3D Rendering) and Pro/Engineer and CATIA (computer-aided design).  

As we test more workstations, we’ll have more data for comparison in SPECviewperf. For now, we'll let the Z1's results stand alone, and mention that the system provided scores that are appropriate for a workstation with similar hardware and specifications.

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