HP Spectre X2 Review: A Core m Powered Surface Alternative

HP Spectre X2: The Wrap Up

HP made some intelligent decisions with the Spectre X2 and the end result is a well-balanced, hybrid device that offers good all-around performance and battery life, in a svelte, lightweight, highly-portable package. Power users looking for a high-performance mobile device for heavy-duty workloads would probably be better served by something powered by a Core i5 or i7-series processor, but for the majority of users out there, the Core m at the heart of this machine should pack more than enough punch. Never once did we feel this hybrid 2-in-1 was struggling to keep up with everyday computing tasks.
hp spectre x2 9
The build quality, fit and finish of the HP Spectre X2 is also top notch. The device is machined from a single piece of aluminum, and has tight tolerances throughout. Its chromed and glass accents on the backside of the device look great, the brushed finish resists fingerprints well, and all of the buttons and connectors are nice and tight, with almost no play in them at all. The only issue we had was a slight bend in the detachable keyboard, which was easily remedied. Though the Spectre X2’s screen isn’t quite as high-res as something like a Surface Pro 4, it’s still very nice. The audio output from the Bang & Olufsen tuned speakers is surprisingly good too, though it is still a thin hybrid device, so don’t expect room-filling sound.
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The HP Spectre X2 starts at $799 for a Core m3 based model, with 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. $999 bumps things up to a Core m5 with 8GB of memory, and $1149 gets you the Core m7-based model we’ve shown you here. And all of them include the backlit, detachable keyboard. At those prices, the HP Spectre X2 isn’t a mainstream offering my any means, but it is significantly more affordable than the Surface Pro 4, which starts at $899 for a Core m3-based model and doesn’t include a keyboard.

If you’re in the market for a hybrid device like a Surface Pro, do yourself a favor and checkout the Spectre X2. The user experience is right up there with Microsoft’s devices, though some users may actually prefer the design language of HP’s offering, and we feel HP’s keyboard is better too. The HP Spectre X2 is somewhat more affordable as well. Overall, HP has done a commendable job with the Spectre X2. We really like this device.

  • Good Overall Performance
  • Good Battery Life
  • Lightweight and Highly Portable
  • Clean Software Installation
  • Nice Keyboard
  • Dead Silent
  • Not Quite As Powerful As A Core i-Based Machine
  • High-Gloss display

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