HP Omen 15 Gaming Notebook Review, A Bit Of Mojo And Voodoo

Performance: Hitman: Absolution and Metro: Last Light

As 47, a killer for the International Contract Agency (ICA), you have a very dangerous, but action-packed life. The Hitman franchise has been winning praise from critics throughout multiple games, of which Hitman: Absolution is the latest. When running this game’s benchmark, we set AA to 4X and pump the Quality Level settings to Ultra, making for a grueling gaming test.

Hitman: Absolution
DirectX 11 Gaming Performance
gameshot hitman

hitman omen

Hitman: Absolution at high settings is brutal on midrange gaming systems. You’ll clearly want to choose more moderate settings for a better experience. Even so, the Omen stays neck and neck with the Lenovo Y70 and comes within striking distance of the other much larger, heftier machines.

Metro: Last Light
DirectX 11 Gaming Performance
gameshot metroLL

A sequel to Metro 2033, the dark and spooky first person shooter (FPS) Metro Last Light continues the journey of Artyom. Armed to the teeth, you fight your way through monsters and hostile commandos as you search for the Dark One. Metro Last Light has some unusual gameplay features, including a health system in which you heal slowly, rather than using the typical med kit. And, because good bullets are hard to come by, Metro denizens use bullets as currency. We use the Very High quality settings when running this game’s benchmark.

metroLL omen

Metro: Last Light is another demanding game engine and benchmark, and again, you’ll probably want to adjust the settings a bit when you play it on the Omen. Its score here falls a little short of the Y70, but this HP gaming notebook is perfectly capable of handling today's current gen DX11 game titles at medium to high quality settings.

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