HP EliteBook x360 1030 G3 Review: Thin, Light, Sleek

HP EliteBook x360 1030 G3: Gaming And Graphics Testing

Futuremark’s well-known 3DMark benchmark suite features tests that target different types of computing devices. We opted for the Cloud Gate and Sky Diver tests, for which we have plenty of comparison data, but also as light-duty 3D graphics and gaming benchmarks that are well-suited to thin and light laptops. Sky Diver is a bit more strenuous, but still well within the limits of our test group.

Gaming And Graphics Benchmarks

Cloud gate

Sky diver

The simple answer to our question on the previous page is yes, it can game but within the limited expectations of its integrated graphics. The Intel UHD 620 IGP isn't up to the challenge when it comes to playing modern games at high resolution settings. It can play older titles though and mainstream light duty games. Just don't expect to be doing much Triple-A gaming on this machine. As a business class convertible this is just par for the course, so we won't hold it against HP. If you want real gaming chops, consider something with a discrete GPU, though gaming laptops are just a different and generally heavier breed of machine.

Let's look at the EliteBook x360's battery life, next...

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