HP EliteBook 840 And 830 G5 Review: Aluminum-Clad Powerhouses

HP EliteBook 830 G5: Storage, Productivity And Content Creation Tests

Geekbench, Cinebench

We kicked off our general-purpose benchmarks with a cross-platform CPU compute benchmark called Geekbench, and then ran Cinebench R15, a 3D rendering benchmark that tests both the CPU and GPU engines in the processor. Cinebench is developed by Maxon, which is better known for its Cinema 4D software employed in professional 3D rendering and animation studios. We use both of Cinebench’s integrated tests for CPU and GPU.


When it comes to raw processing power, the EliteBook G5 series configuration we have is one of the more powerful laptops we've tested. In Cinebench, it pulls up a strong second place finish in our test group. 

Geekbench mirrored exactly what we saw when testing Cinebench. Once again, it was one of the fastest ultra-slim laptops to make it through our testing. We also have to note the HP model put up some big numbers in comparison to other laptop's using the same Intel Core-i7 8650U processor, like Dell's Latitude line, for example. This is most likely due to a better thermal solution, which mitigates throttling somewhat.

PCMark 10 Benchmarks

Next, we'll move from pure content creation in Cinebench, to productivity and mixed usage with PCMark. We're representing all tests from the PCMark 10 benchmark suite, including the Essentials, Productivity, Digital Content Creation and and total PCMark score. The Essentials test covers workloads like web browsing, video conferencing and app start-up times, while Productivity tests everyday office apps from spreadsheets to word processing. Finally, Digital Content Creation tests performance of a machine with respect to photo and video editing, as well as rendering and visualization workloads.


PCMark 10 taxes both the CPU and GPU, but strong emphasis is put on storage responsiveness. The playing field leveled out when we compared the HP G5 to other laptops using similar hardware. The "Essentials" performance was a little lower than expected, but out of all the PCMark 10 benchmarks "Essentials" seems to fluctuate more so than the other performance tests.

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