Gigabyte's GA6CX i820 Motherboard and GAMG400 Graphics Card

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The Gigabyte GA-6CX and GA-MG400
i820 Motherboard and G400 Based Graphics Card - A package Deal

Test System
Specs and Setup

Full Tower ATX Case w/ 300W PS, Pentium III 533B overclocked to 600MHz with an FSB of 150MHz.. (supplied by Outside Loop Computers),

Gigabyte GA-6CX i820 Motherboard
, 128MB of  800MHz (400 DDR) Techworks  RDRAM, WD Expert AC418000 7200 RPM ATA66 Hard Drive, Gigabyte GA-MG400, Win 98SE, DirectX 7, Gigabyte GA-MG400 Drivers Matrox Version 5.26


Benchmarks (continued) - The GA-6CX i820 Motherboard
The i820 cranks it up a notch

SiSoft Sandra Benchmarks

Now let's look at the CPU efficiencies of the i820 chipset as well as another measure of memory bandwidth performance.  The Sandra benchmarks take into consideration CPU cache speed as well in this test.  

Excellent performance is shown for sure here although nothing too earth shattering.  Both CPU and Memory Bandwidth numbers in the Sandra benchmark, reflect the very high end of what a BX chipset board would yield.


We were very pleased to see the following performance from the on board 82801AA UDMA66 EIDE controller.  These are the best numbers to date that we have yielded on this particular CPU and Hard Drive Combination that we used.


Pentium III 600B Vrs. AMD Athlon 600 
Winbench 99 Tests

Finally, let's take a look at real world application performance with Winbench 99.  This is the new version 1.1.  You will see a difference here in the CPU and FPU numbers versus other Winbench tests we have done in the past.  Winbench has migrated to CPUMark99 and FPU Winmark scores, on a different scale than the previous 1.0 version of the test.  We will use this version for all tests moving forward in 2000.

We pitted the P3-600B/RAMBUS/GA-6CX-i820 combo against an Athlon 600/PC133/AMD756 set up.  We used the same Hard Drive in both test systems.

Very impressive scores in the CPU/FPU tests were garnered by the Athlon.  However, the P3-600B with RAMBUS and GA-6CX team kicked serious Athlon butt in the hard drive performance tests.  We will be getting in a Coppermine/Slotket setup very soon and will update this benchmark with Intel's latest offering.  Something tells me that AMD will lose the CPU leadership position it has here as well.


Rate that combo!

All told, Gigabyte really packs a lot of value into this Motherboard/Graphics Card combo.  We haven't seen a US retail price on this deal yet but we were told that Gigabyte will be targeting the any bundle with their "BIOS On Motherboard" driven graphics cards, aggressively. 

We elected to rate each of these products on its own merits individually.


The Gigabyte GA-6CX -  i820 Motherboard 

Great leading edge performance and stability with latest in motherboard technology!



The Gigabyte GA-MG400 - G400 16MB Graphics Card 

Great image quality only a driver release away from classic G400 Performance.





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