Gigabyte's GA6CX i820 Motherboard and GAMG400 Graphics Card

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The Gigabyte GA-6CX and GA-MG400
i820 Motherboard and G400 Based Graphics Card - A package Deal

Matrox Injected - Home Grown By Gigabyte
Now this was an interesting proposition, Gigabyte asked us to take a look at their new line of graphics cards, specifically designed to work with their motherboards.  Not only that, they have these graphics products designed with two of the top graphics chipsets in the marketplace, the G400 from Matrox and the Voodoo3 from 3dfx.  We received a 16MB AGP G400 based card for our testing.  Here are the goods on it...

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256-bit DualBus architecture
True 128-bit external bus to video memory
Full AGP 2X/4X device with Multi-threaded Bus Mastering
True Environment Mapped Bump Mapping
Vibrant Color Quality2(VCQ2) Rendering
32-bit internal precision specially enhanced for multi-texturing using 32-bit source textures
32-bit Z-buffer including 8-bit stencil buffer
Symmetric Rendering Architecture
DirectX 6, PC 98/99, Broadcast PC, DirectShow, OpenGLcompatible
High speed integrated RAMDAC (up to 300MHz) with UltraSharp RAMDAC technology
Display up to 2056 x 1536 @ 32bpp
Industry leading 3D feature set and performance
Bilinear, trilinear and anisotropic filtering

Benchmark-winning 2D performance optimized for true color operation at high resolution
UltraSharp RAMDAC technology for highest quality analog output
Full acceleration of all GDI and DirectDraw functions
Linear frame buffer
Programmable, transparent BLTter
Linear packed pixel frame buffer
32-bit ultra-fast VGA core

3D Rendering Array Processor delivers up to three times the speed of the MGA-G200
Floating Point 3D Setup Engine with dynamically re-allocatable resources
Environment Mapped Bump Mapping
Single cycle multi-texturing
Vertex and table fog
Specular highlighting (any color)
True color ARGB Flat and Gouraud shading
Vibrant Color Quality2(VCQ2) Rendering
Texture sizes up to 2048 x 2048
Filtering support Including
  11 level mip-mapping support
  Bilinear Filtering
  True eight-sample per pixel trilinear filtering
  Anisotropic filtering
Alpha blending & Z-buffer support
Guard Band Clipping
Single, Double or Triple buffering
3D-image effects combined with no exclusion conditions
Sort independent (full scene) anti-aliasing
Vector/edge anti-aliasing
Hardware dithering including dithering of LUT textures

Windows 9X, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000
DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectVideo, and ActiveX
OpenGL ICD for Windows 95/98 and NT

If this looks familiar it is because the GA-MG400 is all G400 through and through.  The board design is the same as a standard Matrox product with the exception of the cool looking blue heatsink that Gigabyte is known for.  The board is also made of blue FR4 which again is one of the few distinguishing marks on the GA-MG400.  Other than that this board looks, smells and tastes like a G400.

The main difference to note is that this video board has no VGA BIOS on it.  It calls upon a Gigabyte Mainboard BIOS that has the VGA BIOS built in.   Here is a link to the list of Gigabyte Motherboards that support the GA-MG400.

In addition, take a look at the drivers that are shipped with the GA-MG400...


 Setup and Installation...


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