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Performance and Image Quality: Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Orgins is a prequel to 2011’s excellent Batman: Arkham City. This recently released prequel, however, lives up to and even surpasses its predecessor in many ways. The game has DirectX 9 and 11 rendering paths, with support for tessellation, multi-view soft shadows, and ambient occlusion. We tested in DX11 mode with all in-game graphical options set to high quality values, and then focused on playable resolutions and anti-aliasing levels.

Batman: Arkham Origins 
DirectX Gaming Performance

First, we thought we'd look at rendering quality at our highest playable resolution.  Specifically, what you see below are screenshots taken at 1920X1080 resolution with FXAA enabled.  As you can see, image quality and lighting are quite good...

With Batman: Arkham Origins over various resolutions, you can see frame rate is also solid, right up through 1080p with high image quality and FXAA enabled.  For FXAA, we selected the "Normal" setting which seems to do a decent job of cleaning up jagged edges in scenery.  Even at 1080p with high image quality and decent AA turned on, we're able to maintain an average of over 40fps frame rate.

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