Gigabyte Brix PC/Projector Review

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Gaming Benchmarks

For our next set of tests, we moved on to some in-game benchmarking with Left 4 Dead 2 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. When testing low-power platforms with L4D2 or ET:QW, we dialed the image quality settings down to medium quality settings and tested at various resolutions. Since these are more entry-level game tests running on relatively low-power platforms or platforms equipped with mobile parts, we left anti-aliasing turned off and image quality settings set from moderate to high levels where possible.

3D Gaming: ET: Quake Wars and Left 4 Dead 2
Testing the GPU


This little rig wasn’t designed with gaming in mind, but the integrated Intel HD 4400 graphics put up a reasonably strong performance. It beat out all the other rigs with integrated graphics and posted more than playable framerates at each of the (relatively low) resolutions we tested.

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