Gigabyte Brix PC/Projector Review

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General Performance & Use Experience

Having a small footprint is one thing, but does the Gigabyte Brix Projector have the chops to serve as full-funcitoning PC? To help us evaluation this, we benchmarked the Toshiba hard drive and tested video playback performance. Here's what we found out.

ATTO Disk Benchmark
Hard Disk Drive Performance

One distinct advantage our Brix Projector has compared to some other tiny PCs is its SSD. Remember, this is a barebones kit that does not include the memory and storage, so the Kingston components in this particular machine are not necessarily standard equipment.

That said, should you choose to outfit your Brix Projector in the same way, you’ll note that the thing really hums when it comes to general responsiveness. Once it got humming in ATTO, this system sustained (and its Kingston SSD) upwards 500MBps read/write speeds.

HD Video Playback and CPU Utilization
HD Video Decode Performance

We found that during movie playback, CPU utilization remained rather low. The 1% you see in the image above was common, although there were plenty of spikes that went up past 20%. However, most of the time it remained very, very low.

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