GeForce3 Ti 500 and nVidia's Fall Lineup...New Hardware & Software

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The GeForce3 Ti 500 and nVidia's Fall Lineup...New Hardware & Software
Enter the Detonator XPs and Titanium

By - Marco Chiappetta
Edited By:  Dave Altavilla
October 1, 2001 

For the sake of comparison, we also did  3D Mark 2001 testing under Windows Millennium using the exact same test rig and driver revision...

Benchmarks / Comparisons
Tearin' it up!

3D MARK 2001:

Again the GeForce 3 Ti 500 performed superbly.  Scores under Windows Millennium were slightly higher than under Windows XP, with the exception of the 1600x1200 test.

Next, we switched back to Windows XP and tested performance using the GeForce 3's different Anti-Aliasing methods.

Even with Anti-Aliasing enabled, 3D Mark 2001 performance was excellent.  Using the Quincunx AA method seemed to be the "sweet-spot" at 1024x768.  We played a bit of Max Payne, which uses the same game engine as 3D Mark 2001, and at this resolution with Quincunx AA enabled.  The performance and visual quality was fantastic.

Overclocking The GeForce 3 Ti500
You can never have too much of a good thing!

We were curious to see what the GeForce 3 Ti 500 was really capable of, so we jacked the core and memory clocks up a bit and ran it through another series of tests using 3D Mark 2001.  With our pre-production board and it's stock cooling, we were able to bring the core up to 263MHz. and the memory up to 565MHz.  Although these clock speeds are impressive, we were a bit disappointed.  We've seen standard GeForce 3s hit virtually the same speeds.  We can only hope that shipping products with more efficient cooling schemes will be able to overclock higher.

As expected, our overclocked GeForce 3 Ti 500 performed very well under 3D Mark 2001.  Direct3D isn't the only API in town though.   Let's move on...

Moving on to some OpenGL Benchmarks!




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