Gainward GeForce4 PowerPack! Ultra/750XP TV/VIVO Golden Sample!

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The Gainward GF4 PowerPack! Ultra/750XP Golden Sample!
An Awesome Card With an Insane Bundle...

By - Marco Chiappetta
June 20, 2002

3DMark 2001 SE uses advanced pixel and vertex shaders, as well as bump-mapping to test a card's performance and capabilities.  It taxes modern graphics processors without enabling any special features, but with AA turned on performance will surely drop off a bit.

More DirectX 8 Benchmarks with 3D Mark 2001SE and AA
Synthetic is cool...

We used the "Performance" AA method available in ATi's drivers when testing the Radeon (NVIDIA's reference drivers only offer one method).  With 2X AA enabled the Gainward GF4 Ultra 750 / XP still dominated the Radeon 8500LE.  Even with AA enabled, the Gainward card was able to break 9000 3D Marks running the default benchmark.  The reason there is no score for the Radeon at 1600x1200, is because it is not capable of running AA at that high of a resolution.

With the GeForce 4 Ti, NVIDIA introduced the 4XS DirectX AA method.  This new method is similar to 4X AA, but uses new sample locations and filters textures to decrease blur and jaggies. (See Dave's original GF4 Ti review for a more in-depth explanation of this method).  The 4XS AA method is more taxing than "regular" 4X AA.  ATi doesn't offer a similar method though, so we decided to compared ATi's standard 4X AA to NVIDIA's 4XS AA.  The Gainward card again performed very well, almost doubling the Radeon 8500LE's score at 1280x1024.

OpenGL Benchmarks with Quake 3 Arena
OpenGL testing Begins


It's time for the obligatory Quake 3 numbers!  All of the Quake 3 tests were run with the game using the "High Quality" graphics setting, with tri-linear filtering and the geometry and texture quality sliders set to their maximum.  Obviously, the above graph shows neither card had any trouble with Quake 3.  The Gainward card bested the Radeon by almost 40FPS at 1024x768, and almost 48FPS at 1600x1200! 

More OpenGL with Quake 3


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