Four-Way Gigabyte P45 Motherboard Round-Up

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Divx Author and Adobe Photoshop CS3

Divx Author 6.7 - 30 Minute Show Divx Video Encoding Speed
Lower Times are Better

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Filter Benchmark
Lower Times are Better

Adobe Photoshop CS3 RAW Photo Processing Time
Lower Times are Better

For production level workstations, Intel’s P45 w/ DDR3 memory appears to give a slight edge over competing DDR2 platforms. Our Divx Author encoding times were about 20 seconds faster with our DDR3 boards compared to DDR2, and our Photoshop CS3 benchmark numbers were a slight bit snappier across the board as well.

Workstation users should also note that these P45 boards can hold 16GB of memory, whereas P35/780i/680i platforms can only accept 8GB at this time. Considering how cheap memory is and how Vista/XP x64 are mostly mature now, it’s a pretty tempting option.

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