FarCry Patch v1.2 - SM 3.0 Performance on the GeForce 6 Series

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Training Map - SM 3.0 vs. SM 2.0


The "Training" demo should also be included with the FarCry v1.2 patch.  This demo takes place in a large outdoor scene with lots of grass, trees, and water...

FarCry Performance - Training Demo: SM 2.0 vs. SM 3.0
Not Much Happening Here

The GeForce 6800s gained some performance by enabling the SM 3.0 path in the Training demo as well, but the deltas were quite small.  Once again, the largest gains were realized when anti-aliasing and Anisotropic filtering were enabled concurrently, which also happens to be the configuration where the Radeon X800 Pro performs at its best.

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