Eurocom Monster 1.0 11.6" Gaming Notebook Review

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Battery Life

Most gaming notebooks are simply not built with battery life in mind. Builders usually just cram in the largest battery they can and hope that the high-powered components don’t suck it dry too fast. The Monster is different because of its size constraints; it has a smaller (6-cell) battery than many of these other rigs, but of course, the display is pulling a lot less power, as well.

Regardless, we wanted to see what battery life was like under moderately strenuous workloads. Here are the results from our Battery Eater Pro tests.

Battery Life Test
Heavy and Light Workloads

The Monster ran for an hour and twenty minutes, which puts it ahead of most of the field. Only the Maingear system and ASUS G74SX did better.

Of course, if you’re just noodling around the Internet or typing up a document, the battery will last far longer, and you can adjust settings such as brightness to increase battery life, as well. A little tweaking on the user’s part would no doubt tease out some additional minutes of juice while gaming, too.

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