Destiny 2 Gameplay And Performance Review: A PC Gamer's Delight

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Destiny 2 Opinions And The Wrap-Up

Ultimately, Destiny 2 feels a lot like Bungie being "Bungie" on the PC again for the first time. That's a mouthful, but to clarify; though Destiny 2 is new to the PC platform, it is an example of Bungie doing what the company does best -- creating vast worlds rich in lore and species diversity. Halo and even Marathon before it, were immersive and engaging games, beautiful at the time of their respective launches. They were games you wanted to revisit and play again and again and Destiny 2 is that and more.

Destiny 2 23

Yet it can’t be denied, Destiny 2 is indeed similar to the original. Many hardcore players of the first title in the game series have made claims that Destiny 2 feels more like an expansion than a full-featured sequel. Yet for the wider PC audience, Destiny 2 is more like a completely fresh experience and product. The story line is short and forgettable, but well-crafted and does a great job of preparing you for the majority of gameplay types players will face.

Destiny 2 17
Hoverbikes really help you cover some ground for a fresh change of scenery.

Beyond the story, is an immersive open world teeming with a wide variety of enemies to do battle with and areas to pick clean of loot. That can’t be understated; Destiny 2 is much heavier on exploration than its predecessor. Sure, the planets are vast with several repeatable mission types like Patrols, Strikes, Public Events and roaming enemies to engage. Yet, players will quickly learn the landscape thanks to the various different Sparrow hoverbikes available. Still, you can change things up by exploring the many hidden caves and underground caverns, which are also rich with enemies, mid-level bosses and tons of loot.

Destiny 2 25

There is also a decent PvP section. It only features two modes and is ultimately in need of more content. However, the game also receives weekly Raids and Nightfall strikes, which is ultimately the current end-game: find powerful loot and gear so you can effectively tackle the 6-player raids each week.

While there is plenty to do in Destiny 2, players will inevitably hit a wall after grinding the best gear and mastering the raids. The game’s longevity will be hinged on long-term support, DLC and other content updates. That sounds simple and obvious, however Destiny 2 comes just 3 short years after the first game, without expanding or enhancing the player’s time-investment in the original. Let's hope that doesn’t happen to the sequel.

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In the interim, we really look forward to grinding long and hard in the exciting worlds of Destiny 2, exploring every cavern on each planet and tweaking our loadouts to raid-ready perfection. Destiny 2 is a damn fine game and is impressively worthy of its place on the PC platform. It’s an exciting and vividly painted adventure and one we are very eager to see Bungie fully exploit for PC gamers. You have our attention Bungie, now here's hoping you can keep it. 

hothardware recommended

hot not
  • Rich immersive worlds to explore
  • Simple and rewarding customization
  • Fun & exciting adventures w/ friends or solo
  • Tons of loot and gear to raid
  • Weekly changes and encounters
  • Only character looks carry over from Destiny 1
  • Excessively strict 3rd party overlay ban
  • Somewhat limited customization system
hothardware recommended

hot not
  • Epic, engaging battles
  • Combat is fluid, hard-hitting, sastisfying
  • Bolstered Nemesis system adds fun factor
  • Varied and personal engagements
  • Larger setting variety and solid visuals
  • Addictive army-building
  • Lack-luster story line not true to lore
  • Graphic engine beginning to show age
  • Mild control issues

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