Destiny 2 Gameplay And Performance Review: A PC Gamer's Delight

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Destiny 2 Graphics & Benchmarks

It was said by many during the beta and it still hold true now; Destiny 2 is one of – if not the best looking PC game of 2017. Lighting, shadows, the use of colors, ability and weapon effects, the vast variety or enemy movements and animations and much more, are so far above the competition. The level of detail and texture quality is surprising considering how vast the world is and how much terrain Bungie had to cover. 

Destiny 2 5

Destiny 2 is not only a visual feast, it also runs silky smooth on the PC and features a full complement of PC-worthy in-game graphics settings to fine tune your visual experience. The game supports numerous post-processing effects and dials to turn for Shadow Quality, Depth of Field, Wind Impulse, Render Resolution, Chromatic Aberration, Film Grain, Anti-aliasing, Character & Environmental detail, HDR monitors and a lot more. The game offers stunning visual canvas, broad in scope and rich in detail with highly immersive environments.

Destiny 2 12
Dial it in the way you like it. Destiny 2 treats PC gamers right with good visual effects control.

However, assessing its performance over various GPU types was no easy task. Destiny 2 does not have its own in-game benchmark utility. To compound things, the game's wide variety of encounters, enemies and detailed areas means your mileage will vary depending where you are, what you’re doing and who you engage.

Destiny 2 6

So we repeatedly ran the Homecoming mission objective in the early stages of campaign, which features a lot of action and waves of enemies. We also made several laps around The Farm and The Traveler, which are the game’s bustling social areas for beginning players and those who have completed the campaign. Below are the resulting FPS performance averages across our small army of GPUs.

Destiny 2 Benchmarks 1080p

Destiny 2 Benchmarks 1440p

Destiny 2 Benchmarks 4K Resolution

All testing was done with graphic settings on the highest “Ultra” preset. Those targeting 1080p display resolutions can bask in all that the game has to offer using any of the GPUs we tested. Unfortunately players must remember, Destiny 2 has a very strict policy banning the use of 3rd party utility overlays, which includes FRAPS, Discord, MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision and a long list of others. The game does, however, play nice with NVIDIA’s own GeForce Experience and AMD ReLive toolset and video capture utilities.

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