Dell XPS 730 H2C Unboxing and Preview

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The XPS 730 arrives in a massive box covered in signs and labels warning the reader of the box's impressive weight. The box is double-walled on the sides and quite sturdy.

The box is designed so the entire top section can be lifted away from the bottom section once a series of plastic locks are removed. However, we decided to ignore the instructions printed on the box and cut it open the old fashioned way. Once the tape was cut away and the box flaps folded back, we are greeted by two smaller, removable boxes tucked inside a small compartment and the XPS 730 itself, packed with heavy-duty styrofoam in the main compartment.

The two removable boxes are held in a separate compartment on one side of the box. These long, flat boxes contain all of the accessories, cables and other extra goodies that you ordered with your XPS 730, like keyboards and mice.

Inside the gray colored box, we find a XPS branded metal mouse pad, Logitech G5 second revision gaming mouse and a Logitech G15 gaming keyboard. The power cable for the XPS 730 was also in this box. The contents of this box will depend on which accessories, if any, you chose to order along with your XPS 730.

The second, orange, box comes with all XPS 730 orders and contains a variety of XPS branded complimentary accessories. Included in this box is a beanie (or Toque, if you're Canadian), 2-in-1 pen & laser pointer, XPS branded Turtle Beach surround sound headphones, and a sturdy pack full of screwdrivers.


Let's take a closer look at the complimentary accessories included with the XPS 730. The mouse pad is the same one included with just about every XPS gaming system. The beanie cap and 2-in-1 pen & laser pointer feature XPS branding and are both pretty self explanatory.


The included pack of screwdrivers is a bit peculiar. The screwdrivers are contained in a tough holder that is held closed by a Velcro strip. The XPS logo is stitched to the front of the holder. This is a neat accessory to have since the XPS 730 is ESA compatible and uses a standard ATX motherboard. This means you can freely upgrade the motherboard and the included screwdrivers may come in handy for people who don't normally mess around inside their computers and therefore won't necessarily have the proper tools available.


Dell also includes a rebranded Turtle Beach Ear Force HPA2 6-channel surround sound headphones. The headphones come in a cloth draw-string bag which also holds all of the necessary cables and adapters you may need. The Ear Force HPA2 is a true surround sound headphone with four speakers per ear, eight in total. They also come with a removable microphone attachment for headset functionality.

Correction: The complimentary accessories are for H2C systems only.

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