Dell XPS 27 (7760) All-In-One Desktop Review: 4K Touch And Wired For Sound

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Dell XPS 27 7760 Performance Summary And Conclusion

Performance Summary:  From a raw performance standpoint, the Dell XPS 27 7760 is one of the fastest all-in-on PCs we've tested to date. In many of our benchmarks, Dell's new AIO took the top position in our test group, especially with respect to tests that were CPU workload heavy or IO response time sensitive. In graphics and gaming, the new XPS 27 showed strong performance as well, though its AMD Radeon R9 M470X graphics engine might not be quite as powerful as a few alternatives in the market. Given our druthers, we'd suggest, as noted previously, maybe going with the Radeon R9 M485X option Dell has on its configuration list, for a bit more oomph. Regardless, the Dell XPS 27 7760 we tested offered satisfying gaming performance at 1080p resolutions.

Dell XPS27 R With Pandora on
We're a big fan of the 6-speaker exposed grill look, though admittedly that's personal preference.

concludeWhen we stop to think about the key attributes of an all-in-one desktop PC, it's abundantly clear that the new Dell XPS 27 hits all the high notes, literally and metaphorically speaking. The XPS 27's striking good looks, premium design and ease of use are its leading indicators of a well-planned and engineered product. Its ultra-thin bezel and edge-to-edge glass 4K IPS display is a delight to look at. And again, we can't emphasize enough, when the computer is the monitor, this design and component selection area is critical. Another important, and surprisingly overlooked area of an all-in-one PC is its sound system. Sure, you could setup an elaborate surround sound system, driven from the machine's audio line output, but that would mar what is otherwise a beautiful, cleanly designed product. 

Instead, Dell set the bar yet again, this time for AIO (All-In-One) PCs, much the same way the company did with its XPS 13 and XPS 15 series notebooks. Dell's XPS 27 desktop all-in-one delivers an audio solution capable of filling your kitchen, living room or office with rich, accurate sound and impressive dynamic range. We will concede that some people may or may not be a fan of the six-speaker exposed grill look of the XPS 27 7760. I personally fancy myself a bit of an audiophile, having sold high end equipment in a former life. For me, a well-designed piece of audio gear can have clean speaker grills exposed and it's not an issue. It's appealing to me in fact. This may or may not be a universal opinion of course with all consumers. Beauty is in the eye, as they say. 

Dell XPS 27 WaveMaxx And Pandora

Regardless, summing up the total of its parts, the Dell XPS 27 7760 checks all the boxes mainstream consumers will likely be looking for in an AIO PC. This is a premium system with a gorgeous 4K display, great all-around performance and an absolutely killer sound system. Starting at $1499 and retailing for $2799 as tested here, it's not a price leader per se, but something tells us that wasn't Dell's goal. It used to be that Apple could justify price premiums based on standout features and performance, but now Dell seems to have taken over that role in some respects; the operative word here, however, is "justified." Dell's XPS 27 7760 has iMac killer written all over it.
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  • Beautiful 4K display with thin bezel
  • Fantastic sound system
  • Sharp, classic black and aluminium deisgn
  • Great all around performance
  • Limited front IO, hard to reach rear IO
  • Glossy display generates some glare
  • Less-than premium peripherals

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