Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC - 92% Color Gamut 30 Inch LCD

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Comparisons and Image Quality Testing


We put the new Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC through its paces with Everest Ultimate Edition 2006 from Lavalys. This diagnostic and benchmark tool suite allows you to test many aspects of system features and performance.  Everest's Monitor Diagnostics provide a few key test patterns that allow us to evaluate various aspects such as color accuracy, uniformity and convergence.

3007WFP and 3007WFP-HC

Above we did our best to capture a side by side image of both the 3007WFP and 3007WFP-HC running Everest's LCD calibration routine.  This test pattern provides gradient bars of red, green, and blue primary colors as well as gray scale.  In this test, though it was hard to get both of these huge screens entirely into one frame, we were able to see how each panel reproduced colors and contrast over their DVI connections from the same graphics card.  In our test system, an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card was driving both panels from its dual-link DVI connectors.  Frankly our digital camera nearly completely negated the tangible color accuracy benefits of the new 3007WFP-HC 92% color gamut capable screen.  However, in our test lab environment the red band on this screen especially was noticeably more accurate, making the standard 3007WFP panel's output look a tad orange comparatively.  The same held true for the green bar in this shot, although the effect was slightly less pronounced.  In general, all colors were definitely more saturated, rich and accurate on the 3007WFP-HC; so much so that after a couple of weeks of side-by-side use, our eye's natural preference easily fell upon and were attracted to the updated panel's image quality.


  In all of the other test patterns, the 3007WFP-HC produce perfectly straight lines for convergence and focus, with zero distortion evident even at the far corners of the screen. This 30" panel didn't even struggle with the solid color fill tests, presenting virtually perfect, uniform color on every inch of the screen.  In addition, contrast tests did show a perceivable difference in output versus the older 3007WFP model, where subtle shades of square gray-on-gray patterns offered a more dynamic image quality representation.

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