Dell Streak Android Tablet Review

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Throughput Testing

We used an AT&T Wireless 3G MicroCell signal booster, so both the Streak and the iPhone 3GS were tested with very strong signals (full bars). The Epic 4G is on the Sprint network and we did not have a comparable device. (We also didn’t get a 4G signal at our location, so the Epic 4G was tested with a 3G connection.) This means that the network throughput results below are admittedly unfair. That said, you are always going to be limited by the signal strength at whatever location you happen to be in. So as to the network testing, you can regard the results below as what you would experience if you happened to be in the exact location we did our testing. All the Wi-Fi testing, however, was conducted under identical circumstances, such the Wi-Fi results are directly comparable.

 Throughput testing
  Android and iPhone throughput testing

On all but one of the throughput tests, the Dell Streak had the second fastest Wi-Fi download speeds. However, it consistently lagged behind the Epic 4G on all the tests. As to network testing, the Streak had the fastest download speeds on all of the tests—even faster than the iPhone 3GS (at least on the two tests that we have iPhone 3GS results for). But we need to point out that because of the 3G MicroCell, the AT&T-based devices (the Streak and the iPhone 3GS) had an unfair advantage.

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