Dell Streak Android Tablet Review

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Performance Testing Overview

 Performance testing overview
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In everyday use, the Streak didn't feel overly sluggish or zippy either way; but when compared against the responsiveness of other recent Android devices, the Streak didn't quite measure up on occasion. Perhaps most disconcerting is that we experienced a noticeable delay when launching some apps. We can’t help wondering (and hoping) how much Froyo will speed up the Streak.

Depending on what we used the Streak for, we found that its battery lasted between six and eight hours of usage between charges. This should be more than enough to last an entire day—unless you use the device nonstop.

We also conducted some formal performance testing, to see how the Streak fared against a number of other smartphones. We compared the Streak to an HTC Incredible, a Samsung Epic 4G (Galaxy S), and an iPhone 3GS. The HTC Incredible didn’t have network access, so we only tested its Wi-Fi connection on our throughput testing. The Epic 4G is a brand new phone, and we will be posting a full review it shortly. Many of the tests we ran were based on Android apps, so we were fairly limited in terms of which tests we could also use to benchmark the iPhone.

For our testing, we took a “kitchen sink” approach here. This means that we ran nearly every mobile benchmark we could easily get our hands on. Admittedly, some of these tests—especially some of the Android app-based benchmarks—are from sources completely unknown to us, so we can’t necessarily vouch for the reliability of all the tests here. As we continue to refine our smartphone performance testing, we’ll better hone our methodology. Therefore, take the results presented here with a few grains of salt.

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