Dell Latitude E7440 Touch Business Ultrabook Review

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Performance Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: Predictability is not a bad thing in a business notebook, and the Dell Latitude E7440 delivers on that front. With the exception of a couple of tests that were affected by this machine's relatively low available memory bandwidth, the Latitude E7440 matched or exceeded other systems in our test bank that had nearly identical CPU and GPU combos. Dell also designed it for durability, which ostensibly means that one of these rigs should keep on ticking in virtually any work, school, or home environment for a good long while. The company is offering a 3-year warranty, to boot.

No, the Latitude E7440 isn’t quite the head-turner that some ultrabooks are, but it has a classy, professional design that’s ideal for the workplace. Dell slipped in some attractive design features, though, including the beveled underside for easy gripping (and a cooler profile) and the backlit keyboard. The display is also quite notable, with a beautiful finish, sharp 1920x1080 resolution, great viewing angles, and 10-point multitouch capabilities.

That lone 4GB stick is something of a head-scratcher, as the Latitude E7440 costs a lot of money; it would cost next to nothing to double the RAM capacity and run the system in a dual-channel configuration, which would in turn goose performance.

More confusing is that Dell built otherwise great specs into this rig. It has a slightly better CPU than some other ultrabooks we’ve tested recently, and it has twice the SSD storage as some of them, too. And as we already mentioned, the display is a particular strength of the Latitude E7440.

This is a great business ultrabook, but the price may be a tough pill to swallow at $1,949. That’s significantly more, for example, than the Lenovo ThinkPad T440s ($1,309) and the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro ($999). Even though some of its specs are better, that's a big jump in price.

If you can handle the high cost relative to other similar systems that lack a few of the business-class features of this machine (like Intel vPro support), and learn to love the overall design, the Dell Latitude E7440 offers great specs, features, and performance for the workplace, classroom, or home.

  • Beautiful display
  • 256GB SSD good balance of capacity and performance
  • No bloatware
  • Price
  • Relatively weak battery life under load
  • Weak RAM configuration

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