Dell Latitude E7440 Touch Business Ultrabook Review


To its credit, Dell didn’t load down the Latitude E7440 with really any bloatware at all, save for McAfee security software. There’s a free trial of Microsoft Office installed along with all the standard fare that comes with Windows, as well as Intel’s vPro management software.

Intel vPro includes several functions such as Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT), Intel Anti-Theft (Intel AT), and Intel Management Engine. Intel AMT allows IT pros to fix the computer remotely, and Intel AT (which you have to pay for) can remotely brick a stolen laptop. The rest is all Dell’s own tools, utilities, and programs, most of which are designed for business environments.



Dell Backup and Recovery lets you--well, set backups and recover data from past backups--and it also allows you to delete, merge, or archive backups. From this application, you can also create bootable backups and reinstall disks.

However, note that you have to upgrade to a Premium option to unlock some of the Backup and Recovery tool’s features, such as continuous data protection.

Dell also has several enterprise features that are available to companies that deploy these machines, including Dell Data Protection’s Encryption, Security Tools, and Protected Workspace.

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