Dell Latitude D810

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The times listed below reflect the time it took for the system to power up until the cursor appeared with no busy indicator on the desktop background.

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Remember that this is a mobile notebook meant for professionals, not a gaming system. The scores presented below are not a significant indicator about the power of the notebook, and should be taking in context with the purpose of the laptop. For this purpose, only Halo, a mid-range game that is not overly intensive, was tested to see how the occasional gaming session would go.

The X600 in the D810 is clocked at a core speed of 398MHz and 525MHz for memory. This makes it slightly slower than the X600 in the Asus V6800V (405/500). In either case, considering the margin of error, the scores are basically the same. Like the V6800V, the D810 can handle a reasonable amount of gaming, so long as you aren't doing the royal rumble with Doom 3 in mid to high IQ settings. Games like Halo will play fine in mid range resolutions like 1024 x 768 or 1152 x 864 (between 20 and 30 fps).

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