Corsair TWINX2048-4400 Pro

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Benchmark Summary: After our rounds of benchmarking, we have a favorable impression of this ram. Unfortunately we could not get our memory running at 3-4-4-8 1T as some people report they can, though the modules are technically rated for 3-4-4-8 2T, so it's not much of a disappointment. Though DDR2 is been around for some time now, and both AMD and Intel have platforms that take advantage of it, PC4400 ram is what you'll need if you want some of the fastest DDR1 memory possible. We've always had a good experience with Corsair as a brand as well, with performance, quality, and an excellent limited lifetime warranty policy.

Corsair's TwinX2048-4400PRO won't come cheap, however. Along with being PC4400 memory, the memory also comes with some excellent looking heat spreaders with LED usage lights built in. It can be a tad memorizing at times watching them as your computer's crunching away at information. It gives a good idea of how much a particular application is using your memory, though in many memory intensive tests, the LED bars are a solid red. With all things considered, such as performance, price, capacity, and warranty, HotHardware gives Corsair's TwinX2048-4400PRO a 9 on our Heatmeter.

  ._2GB Capacity
._Oversized Heat-Spreaders
._Slick Activity LEDs
._Can Run With Relatively Tight Timings
 ._Somewhat Pricey
._May Not Fit in Some SFF Systems


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