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Performance With PCMark06: 2-3-2-6 & 3-4-4-8


Futuremark's PCMark06 is widely used benchmarking tool to get an understanding of system performance. Unlike the 3DMark series, PCMark puts little strain on the graphics system, instead being more sensitive to processor, memory, and chipset performance. The two scores available with our benchmark charts, are those of the total score we get from the standard PCMark06 test, and also the scores from the isolated memory test.

Performance Comparison with PCMark06
Overall Memory Score

"The Memory test suite is a collection of tests that isolate the performance of the memory subsystem. The memory subsystem consists of various devices on the PC. This includes the main memory, the CPU internal cache (known as the L1 cache) and the external cache (known as the L2 cache). As it is difficult to find applications that only stress the memory, we explicitly developed a set of tests geared for this purpose. The tests are written in C++ and assembly. They include: Reading data blocks from memory, Writing data blocks to memory performing copy operations on data blocks, random access to data items and latency testing." 


As with our SANDRA test, the Mushkin and Corsair ram put up similar numbers at the same settings, with the Corsair ram edging Mushkin by a slight margin. Once we change the timings and FSB however, the Corsair ram sets itself ahead in both tests. SANDRA and PCMark06 are both considered "synthetic" benchmarks however, as their testing method is fixed each time, so let's have a look at how our memory performs in a game such as Half-Life 2...

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