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Performance with Half-Life 2: 2-3-2-6 & 3-4-4-8


As we've been benchmarking Half-Life 2 since it's release in 2004, we've come to appreciate its sensitivity to processor and memory speed. While there are a wide range of games out there, some relying more on CPU and graphics power, Half-Life 2 and other games using Valve's Source engine are still popular with our reader base.

In-Game Performance Comparisons
System Memory Affects Framerates?  You Betcha!

For this test, we lowered the in-game resolution to 640x480, while also setting all graphical options to low, as this help alleviates the strain on our CPU. For the test, we used a custom game demo taken in the Water Hazard level.

Our test here illustrates the importance of a higher CPU speed when using faster memory. Just by raising the CPU speed from ~2GHz, to 2.34GHz, we gain a whole 12FPS with our testing. Games that use heavy amounts of physics, AI calculations, and other CPU intensive takes will benefit more from a faster Memory/CPU combination.

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