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Features: Software

Features: Software
Software features...

We are going to be adding a new section as needed, which will focus on proprietary software from the notebook vendors. Whether you buy from Dell, HP, Compaq, IBM, etc.. etc.. each company usually has software that is branded in their name to make the notebook experience just that much sweeter. By that we mean easier, simpler, more feature laden, enabling user fixable solutions, etc...

When you increase brightness or volume, there are no Compaq specific indicators. If your volume icon is in the system tray, the mute volume icon will be visible should you use the mute button.

There are, however, screen indicators that come on for about 2~3 seconds for scroll, caps, and num lock (indicating "ON" or "OFF". As we noted earlier, there is no LED indicator for scroll lock.

Our WiFi setup consisted of an Intel 802.11b/g 2200BG miniPCI card and HP's Bluetooth module. HP includes a program to manage the status of the connections, but selecting specific wireless access points is done via Window's built in utility.


HP's Quick Launch program allows for the direct manipulation of buttons to create shortcuts to certain actions/functions/programs.


Compaq/HP's Help and Support program allows the user to have direct access to relevant information, drivers, and support for their notebook. This cuts out a lot of work of navigating through a driver database.


It's good to see that Compaq/HP's is providing this program for download. Should you choose to install Windows from scratch, you can rest assured that you aren't going to limit your support.

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