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VIA, Hush And The Big Chill With DFI

"Lunch At Piero's" was not only a tasty oasis of Italian style sustenance, it was also heavily supported by VIA and various OEMs like Hush Technologies.


VIA and Hush Technologies
Quiet, cool computing

Below is VIA's K8T890 running dual Radeon PCIe cards in a multi-monitor (three total but it can do 4) setup.  The system wasn't SLI ready just yet but we were told it was coming soon.


Hush Technologies:


Here we see Hush's HTPCs based on Centrino, Athlon 64 and even a Pentium 4 3.6GHz.  These are very sleek designs with absolutely stealth-like acoustics.  The P4 box wasn't fanless but we believe the Centrino was fur sure.


Finally, we had a chance to kick back with the folks from DFI and Corsair.  We were disappointed that we missed their Thursday night bash at the Bellagio due to flight delays coming out of Boston's lovely Logan Airport.  In fact, we were so straight out running around at the show that we didn't even get a chance to get to their hotel suite before mid day on Saturday.  By then they had already broken down their product display. 



So, of course, we just headed for the bar.  ;-)  The above shots were captured by our bud Eric Ackerson, Product Marketing Manager at Corsair.  On the other end of the camera are HH's own Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta (profile shot), Vivian Lien of DFI and me.   

We hope you enjoyed our little showcase here, even half as much as we enjoyed this year's Consumer Electronics Show.  Marco and I had a great time and returned invigorated with all the new technology coming to us in 2005.  It's shaping up to be a banner year in high tech for sure.

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