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NVIDIA had a well appointed booth at CES, that was chock full of hardware.  Most of the stuff you've probably seen before if you're a regular HotHardware reader, but a couple of items might not be so familiar to you...

All of the products we know, and then some...




Along with a full compliment of video cards, including their entire line up of GeForce 6 Series of products, NVIDIA was showcasing hardware that uses their technology.  Full systems from Voodoo computers, iBuyPower, and Alienware were on display, a couple of which were outfitted with dual-GeForce 6800's and nForce 4 motherboards in an SLI configuration. NVIDIA also had a handful of other systems configured with GeForce 6200's and 6600's to spotlight their PureVideo technology, including a brand new laptop from Sony that's equipped with a GeForce 6200 with TurboCache.

On top of the expected focus on discreet video cards, some new gadgets that sport NVIDIA technology were on display.  The infamous Infinium Labs folks were there talking about their Phantom console and game delivery service in a very "snake-oil" sales kind of way. The And Gizmondo's handheld media player / game system, that's powered by the GoForce 3D 4500, was also being shown.  This little gadget could very well give Gameboy a run for its money.

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