CES 2005 Photo-Report


EVGA's suite at the Venetian was very interesting as well since the company has begun to branch out into other product offerings beyond just graphics cards.

Entering into mobos and continuing cooling innovation for graphics




At first glance we were pretty surprised to see P4 LGA775 motherboards with dual PCIe graphics slots in amongst EVGA's nForce 3 mobos.  In fact the unpopulated board on the end right side of the display (center shot second row) had the words "Pentium 4 Micro ATX SLI Motherboard" printed on it's display card, so we weren't seeing things.  One of the boards we initially mistook for a next gen nForce for the P4 board with dual PCIe slots (top row, center shot). 



However, upon closer inspection (yes, I'm tugging on that Northbridge sink pretty hard although we didn't get it off), it turned out to most likely be a fully Intel based solution with all 20 PCIe lanes dedicated to graphics.   Pretty innovative on the part of EVGA actually and we're eager to get our hands on one.


High End Power and RAM

OCZ had a suite at the Bellagio and gave us an end of the day briefing on some of their latest products in PSUs and Memory.




The blue lit high end Power Supply pictured above is from their Modstream line of products and it is absolutely whisper quiet with it's one large low speed fan keeping it cool at 520 watts.  The other is from their high end Powerstream line with its detachable cable assemblies, dual fans and 600 watts of power.  Finally of course is OCZ's line of low latency and high speed Memory Modules, which the company was founded on.  We plan to take a look at both of these lines of products, both power and memory, in the months ahead here at HH.

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