CES 2005 Photo-Report

Asus' Ballroom (Continued)


Can you pick out the new BTX form factor motherboard here?

Asus Ballroom - Continued
BTX on display



Bingo, second shot in on the left, next to the Dual Xeon board.  The Asus P5G6M is an Intel 915 micro BTX motherboard that Asus has yet to go to the channel with. We saw very few BTX form factor products at the show actually, save for a very swank looking BTX XPC at Shuttle's booth.


Voodoo PC's Water Cooled nForce 4 SLI rig was damn impressive up close and personal.  All major chips in this system are water cooled, including the main CPU, both GeForce 6800 Ultra GPUs and the nForce 4 chip itself.... sweetness.


There's that crazy heat-pipe built jet engine cooler again, this time in a clear acrylic case.  And laptops anyone?   Dothan Pentium M based no less but one of them is "special".

You guessed it, Intel's "Alviso" chipset incarnate folks.  Just think a Pentium M "Dothan" core with DDR2 and PCI Express graphics... They're right around the corner.

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