CES 2005 Photo-Report

Abit's Booth And Painkiller With Fatal1ty

Abit's booth was definitely a highlight with its gaming stage drawing huge attention from passers-by.  We also met the young man known as "Fatal1ty", Jonathan Wendel, and lived to tell the story.

Abit, Zalman and Fatal1ty
Products galor and pain with a professional killer



Abit's booth was heavily draped in a marketing campaign for their "Fatal1ty" line of products endorsed by the professional gamer himself.   We saw Abit's i925XE Fatal1ty board as well as their nForce 4 single PCIe slot AN8 Fatal1ty board.  Additionally, Abit was showcasing a wealth of graphics card products based on ATi Radeon VPUs, including the recently introduced X850 XT and X800 XL.  Finally Zalman had a quiet case on display that was to die for, with heat pipe technology all around allowing for minimal air flow noise and new Fatal1ty labeled coolers for the CPU and Graphics.




Then there was the absolutely SCHOOLING I took from Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel.  It's ugly enough when a Pro Gamer meets up with a Non-Pro for a death match but match up an over-worked Editor that barely gets enough time to play on the toys he tests all day long and it's kind of like a lamb strolling into the slaughter.  One word, "owned"... I kept hiding behind the excuse that the scroll wheel wasn't cycling my weapons for me but maybe that was because I didn't have time to pick any of the BFGs in Painkiller because by the time I got in an area that had one, Fatal1ty was breathing down my neck dealing out the death.  Yep, that $5000 prize bounty was good and safe with me at the keyboard!  Besides I was too busy rubber-necking around at the booth babe...

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