ATI Radeon HD 5870 Overclocked Round-up

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Dirt 2

Dirt 2
DX11 Gaming Performance

Dirt 2

Dirt 2 was released in September 2009 and provides a sequel to the original Colin McRae: Dirt racing game. Codemasters delayed the PC version of Dirt 2 so that they could enhance their Ego engine with DirectX 11 effects. The engine displays certain bleeding-edge rendering technologies like hardware-driven tessellation, which is used for a more detailed audience, tessellated clot as well as a more realistic water that has lifelike ripples, waves and splash effects. DX11 also affords the game more impressive post-rendering motion blur, filtered soft shadows and lighting effects. Dirt 2 is also a solid benchmark for multi-core processors since DX11 is designed to take advantage of multi-threaded system architectures.

Even with maximum settings chosen, we still pull smooth frame rates with these 5870 graphics cards. Here we find a 2% difference between the Super Overclock and the next fastest card, the Turbo X. The performance delta between Gigabyte's product and the stock card is more pronounced, at 10%.

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