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More Software: Adobe Applications & Guide+

As we mentioned earlier, we did not receive a retail-ready All-In-Wonder X1800 XL for evaluation, so we were unable to test the new Adobe applications being bundled with the card. Starting with the All-In-Wonder X1800 XL, ATI will no longer be bundling Pinnacle Studio with their All-In-Wonders. Instead, users will get full versions of Adobe's Photoshop Elements 4 and Premiere Elements 2.

The AIW X1800 XL: More On The Software
Multimedia to the Max

Adobe Photoshop Elements 4


Adobe Premiere Elements 2

We hit Abode's website and pulled together some screenshots to give you all a glimpse of the Adobe applications that will be included with the All-In-Wonder X1800 XL. Basically, Photoshop Elements 4 and Premiere Elements 2 are "lite" versions of Adobe's very powerful Photoshop CS and Premiere Pro applications. Photoshop Elements 4 is an image editing and creation applications, and Premiere Elements 2 is for video editing and authoring. While these versions may not feature all of the tools incorporated into the professional versions of these applications, Photoshop Elements 4 and Premiere Elements 2 should by no means be considered limited. They both incorporate the most commonly used features found in Photoshop CS and Premiere Pro. They simply lack some of the more powerful features geared for professional users.

Guide +

The last of the applications included with the All-In-Wonder X1800 XL we'll be showing you is Gemstar's Guide+. This application has been bundled with ATI's All-In-Wonder products for quite some time, and adds a lot of value to the product. Guide+ essentially acts like a digital TV-Guide, and presents users with a comprehensive list of programming specific to the user's locale. Upon installation, users have to input their zip code, and then select their cable provider from a list. Then a few moments later, after downloading the appropriate listings, a visual representation is available on-screen. Simply click on a listing to view it, or even schedule it to be recorded. The listings are also fully searchable by category, title, or even actor. Guide+ is very easy to use, and is a perfect compliment to the All-In-Wonder X1800 XL. And perhaps best of all, there is no subscription fee for All-In-Wonder owners and updates are free.

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