Asus W2V: DTR Notebook


Unlike a traditional desktop, a notebook is a very specialized system which typically excels in one particular area. However, there are usually design constraints that impede the system's performance in other areas. For example, at one extreme we have the ultraportable notebooks that are extremely light and easy to handle. In exchange for its convenience, these smaller notebooks generally lack the brute horsepower of a large desktop replacement notebook. With no additional space for intricate cooling solutions necessary to manage the latest and greatest GPU's and CPU's, these notebooks are heavily constrained with no apparent solution in sight. Those craving serious horsepower for gaming or taxing applications have a wide array of desktop replacement options to choose from though. Usually armed with a large widescreen LCD, the latest mobile GPU, and the fastest CPU the notebook can handle, DTR notebooks can keep pace with some of the fastest desktops available. Unfortunately, all this performance comes at a price and in this case that means excessive weight and an enormous amount of real estate on your desktop. Fortunately, with the launch of the W2V, ASUS has stepped up to the plate with a notebook that offers one of the best comprises between size and performance that we've seen to date.

Asus W2V
_Intel Pentium M 770 processor

_Intel 915PM

_Two SODIMM sockets
_2x512MB DDR2 533 Unbuffered Non-ECC memory
_Supports maximum memory capacity up to 2GB

_ATI Radeon Mobility X700 128MB

_2 x DMA 100/66
_100GB Fujitsu 5400rpm HDD
_Mashita/Panasonic slot-loading 8x DVD+/-RW

_10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
_Intel Pro 2915e(802.11a/b/g) Wireless LAN
_56K v.92 Fax/modem

_17.0" WSXGA TFT LCD (native 1680 x 710508)

_4-Channel stereo speakers
_Sound Blaster Pro-compatible stereo
_Built in subwoofer

External I/O Connectors
_1 x Power port
_1 x Lock jack
_1 x Ethernet port
_1 x Modem port
_1 x Headphone jack
_1 x Microphone jack
_1 x SPDIF jack
_1 x PCMCIA slot
_1 x TV-out port (S-Video)
_1 x TV-in port (Coax)
_4 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports
_1 x VGA-out port
_1 x 4-pin mini IEEE1394 port
_1 x Multimedia (MMC/SD/MS/MS Pro) Card Reader

Dimension and Weight
_17.6" x 12.7" x 1.1"
_~ 7.5 lbs.

_Microsoft Media Center 2005
_Symantec Norton Internet Security 2005 (includes 6 months of complimentary live updates)
_AsusDVD 6.0
_Medi@Show SE v2.0
_Nero OEM Suite v6.3
_Assorted ASUS utilities
_Power Director DE v3.0

Weighing in at roughly 7.5lbs and having 17.6"x12.7"x1.1" dimensions, the W2V won't be mistaken for an ultraportable notebook anytime soon. However, once you glimpse the 17" widescreen LCD with Color Shine glare treatment and the elegant chassis design complete with subwoofer, the size and weight of the system appear much more impressive. For the size, ASUS has done an admirable job of squeezing in as much functionality and performance one could ask for.

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