Asus VG236H 120Hz 3D Vision LCD Monitor Review

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Performance Summary: Throughout testing, the VG236H did very well. In 2D mode, it's easily one of the best looking TN panels we've tested. The colors are vivid, images are clear, and text is sharp. Although Everest Monitor Diagnostics revealed evidence of minor backlight bleed, every other test screen appeared perfect. 3D gaming performance proved to be a strong suit for the VG236H, as scenes looked clearer and brighter when compared to the Acer GD235HZ 3D monitor. Lastly, we appreciate the traditional push buttons Asus included on this monitor and much prefer them over touch-sensitive buttons.


What about the price? At this stage in the game, cost is still an issue for 3D capable monitors, and the VG236H is no exception. But its $500 price tag is deceptive in that the monitor is bundled with NVIDIA's 3D Vision kit, which retails for about $180. Without the kit, the monitor costs roughly $320 which is relatively affordable when you consider Acer's less impressive 3D display currently sells for $370. Still, that's roughly a $100 price premium you have to pay over a standard 23" 60Hz monitor, and part of the early adopter premium you'll pay, to make use of this technology.

In all, we were pleased with the VG236H from Asus. It consistently hit the mark in our testing and produces a fantastic image, whether it be 2D, 3D, work or play. There's a very short list of 3D capable monitors and we've now had the chance to test two of them. Without a doubt, the VG236H is far superior to the Acer model we looked at. Both LG and Alienware also have 23" 3D displays on the market, and we hope to get our hands on them in the near future. Also, there is a 27" model (PG276H) rumored to be coming out later this year from Asus, which would be the largest display of its kind when it hits the market. But as of today, Asus has an extremely solid product here and enthusiasts looking to make the move towards 3D computing should definitely take note. Bottom line is that If you're ready to take the dive into stereoscopic technology, you should put the Asus VG236H at the top of your upgrade wish list.



  • Magnificent colors
  • Excellent 3D performance
  • Fast 2ms response time
  • Height, swivel, tilt adjustments
  • Expensive
  • No DisplayPort

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