Asus VG236H 120Hz 3D Vision LCD Monitor Review

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Subjective Analysis

Test patterns like those offered by Everest can be extremely useful for diagnostics and gauging a monitor's performance. This is especially useful to people who need their monitor to be perfectly calibrated for design work and photography. However, the VG236H is a 120Hz 3D monitor with a TN panel, which consumers won't necessarily purchase exclusively for work. We'll conduct some real world tests and give you and idea of how well the monitor stands up to the sort of content it was designed to handle.

Subjective Tests
Blu-ray Movies and 3D Gaming

"Give me the book"

For our subjective analysis, we loaded up a couple of Blu-ray movies, sat back, and watched HD video in all its glory. The Book of Eli looked incredible on the VG236H with scenes featuring high dynamic range, and a few fast action fight scenes thrown into the mix. Accordingly, the display allowed the colors to come alive with stunning clarity, and blurring was kept to a minimum whenever the action heated up. Furthermore, much of the film consisted of dark scenes, which looked appropriate to our eyes, with a good balance of dark shadows and incandescence.

In addition, we loaded up several of the latest gaming titles and ran through them with NVIDIA 3D Vision enabled. Using identical settings, we compared Acer's GD235HZ 120Hz monitor to the VG236H and found the Asus panel produced a better 3D image in every game we tested. Specifically, colors seemed brighter and more vibrant, while stereoscopic 3D appears enhanced, with a greater effect. In all, games looked fantastic across the board on the Asus monitor. Moreover, if we had to choose between these two models, the VG236H has the upper hand by a wide margin.

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