Asus VG236H 120Hz 3D Vision LCD Monitor Review

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There are six control buttons found on the lower right corner of the display's bezel. From left to right, we have the Splendid hotkey, Down, Menu, Up, Input Select, and Power buttons. The Splendid hotkey allows you to switch from five video preset modes, and acts as an exit button when the OSD menu is active. Additionally, the Down button is also a hotkey for contrast adjustment, while the Up button gives you brightness adjustment. Remember that you have three input options - DVI, HDMI, and YPbPr component connectors.

Push Buttons rule and Asus styles them nicely...

We've mentioned our animosity towards touch sensitive button in previous monitor reviews. Its refreshing to find the VG236H sporting traditional push buttons that register our touches the first time, every time. Although Asus embedded the push buttons within the bezel, we found them to be very responsive and much easier to use than touch sensitive buttons.

On Screen Display (OSD)
Menus and Options


Menu Options

Five menus are available when the OSD is activated. The Splendid menu consists of five modes for different tasks. According to Asus, Scenery Mode is for photos, Standard Mode for document editing, Theater Mode for movies, Game Mode for gaming, and Night View Mode for low-light gaming or movies. After testing each one, we found Standard Mode to fit all our needs rather well. But of course, your personal preference will vary. 

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