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Unreal Tournament 2004 Benchmarks



Next up we have Unreal Tournament 2004 numbers for you here.  This benchmark is one of the more relevant metrics in our testing suite, as many a gamer is still running UT or another game based on Epic's Unreal game engine.

Head-to-Head Performance With Unreal Tournament 2004
Epic's Next Smash Hit!

Unreal Tournament 2K4
Epic's "Unreal" games have been wildly popular ever since the original Unreal was released in the late '90s. Unreal, Unreal Tournament, and then Unreal Tournament 2003 rapidly became some of our favorites, for both benchmarking and killing a few hours when our schedules allowed! Epic recently released the latest addition to the franchise, Unreal Tournament 2004. We used a fully patched (v3120) full version of the game to benchmark these cards at resolutions of 1,024 x 768 and 1,600 x 1,200, without any antialiasing, with 4x AA, and lastly with 4X AA and 16X aniso.




This test shows the group of cards tightly bunched at 1,024 X 768, with the lead leaning ever so slightly to the GeForce 6800 cards at each setting.  However, at 1,600 X 1,200, raw fillrate becomes an issue for the Radeon X800 XT, and it falls slightly behind the ASUS V9999 Ultra Deluxe at default settings and with AA enabled.  However, ATi has obviously been hard at work with its Anisotropic Filtering algorithms, and the X800 XT actually breaks out ahead nicely versus its GeForce 6800 competition.

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