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Splinter Cell Testing



Performance Comparisons With Splinter Cell
Stealthy Combat

Splinter Cell
Splinter Cell's version 1.2 patch includes three prerecorded demos and incorporates a benchmarking tool. The demos included with the patch are somewhat limited by CPU performance, however, so we opted for the custom Oil Rig demo created by the folks at Beyond 3D to test with this game. Beyond 3D's demo removes two CPU-intensive routines while increasing dependence on pixel shader performance. Shaders are used to render realistic-looking ocean water surrounding an oil rig in the demo, as well as simulating a night vision effect for a brief period. Take note that antialiasing doesn't work with Splinter Cell in its current state. Due to this fact, we do not have any AA scores listed in the graphs below.




It's nip and tuck here at both resolutions for all of the high-end cards we tested. The ASUS V9999 Ultra hangs tough with both ATi- and NVIDIA-based competitors.  In either benchmark scenario, the end user would be hard-pressed to notice any difference in performance with the naked eye.  Enable a frame rate counter, and things are a bit more precise but with the naked eye, in the immortal words of Al Pacino... "forget-about-it"!

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