Asus V6800V (V6V/V6000V Series)


Lightweight notebooks have always been the weapon of choice for the professional with a need for speed and an eye for style. As new entries are brought into the market during the spring refresh, numerous companies have been scrambling to bring something that fuses aesthetics and power together in a conveniently portable package.

Asus's track record has been pretty solid thus far. The motherboard maker turned notebook manufacturer has steadily brought quality new machines along. Recently, Asus began to push forward with innovations based around the simple concepts of style and mobility by announcing their W5 and V6 lines. Both sport a high standard of elegance along with wide array of features and functionality.

With that in mind, the V6V is currently in the labs, vying against a veritable onslaught of new laptops being brought into the market. The trend is beginning to be set for the new quarter, and whether the laptop manufacturers manage to pump out something truly innovative is a question everyone is waiting to answer. For now though, take a look at what Asus's newest design has to offer...

Asus V6800V

_Designed for Intel Pentium-M with 2MB On-Die L2 Cache processors
_Supports 533MHz FSB

_Intel 915 PM Chipset

_Two 200-pin SODIMM sockets
_Supports DDR2 400 Unbuffered Non-ECC memory
_Supports maximum memory capacity up to 2GB

ATI Mobility Radeon X600 PCI Express x16 w/64MB

Intel ICH6-M South Bridge:
- 1 x ATA 100/66
- 2 x SATA 100/66
- 60GB/Ultra ATA HDD

_Marvell Yukon Gigabit Mbps Ethernet
_Intel Pro/Wireless 2915ABG (802.11a/b/g) Wireless Lan
_56K v.92 Fax/modem

_15" SXGA+ LCD (native 1400 x 1050)

External I/O Connectors
• 1x VGA port
_1x SD/MMC Card Reader
_1x Headphone-out jack
_1x Microphone-in jack
_1x Modem port
_1x LAN port
_4x USB 2.0 ports
_1x IEEE 1394 port
_1x IR Port
_1x PCMCIA slot

_Compatible with AC'97 2.3
_Built in speaker

Dimension and Weight
_~ 5.2 lbs.


Measuring in at 13"x10.7"x1.18" and weighing in at about 5.2 pounds (our sample was around 5.5), the V6V is not very small or light. Mainly, this is due to the choice of a large 15" monitor, but its size and weight is still relatively average when compared to other laptops of its class. These specs support Asus's focus on the professional who, although is not constantly on the go, definitely needs a solid machine to bring to work. With a Centrino processor, the Asus V6V's bulkiness is somewhat excusable given its lower weight and larger screen size.

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