Asus P5W64-WS Professional Motherboard

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Windows Media Encoder/Mozilla Multitasking

We continued our testing of Asus' P5W64 WS Professional motherboard with a Windows Media Encoder benchmark that is is also part of the Worldbench 5.0 suite, a video is encoded using Windows Media Encoder, while an instance of the Mozilla browser is also running and navigating through various cached pages. Because the system is multi-tasking with two different applications, this test is more taxing and representative of a common multitasking end user experience.

Windows Media Encoder and Mozilla Multitasking Performance
Converting a Large WAV To MP3




More nip-n-tuck for team Intel and the Asus P5W64 WS, sans the expensive Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery. It is amazing however, how the Athlon 64 X2 5000+ gets totally left behind here.  Intel's processor architecture has always had solid encoding performance and the new Core 2 Duo architecture is impressive in comparison to AMD's latest dual core platform, at least as far as Windows Media Encoder is concerned.

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