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PCIe RAID Testing - PCMark05 HDD Tests (cont.)

More testing with PCMark05's HDD Performance module along with the P5W64 WS and the Areca PCI Express RAID controller is detailed below...

Futuremark PCMark05
Hard Disk Subsystem Performance In Various Windows XP Usage Models

We ran the ARC-1210 RAID card in different slots on the motherboard, to look at performance over a X8 or X4 PCI Express connection. Scores labeled with "X4 SB" were taken with the card in the third slot which is enabled with a X4 PCIe link off the Southbridge in the 975X chipset. Scores labeled with "X8 Switch" were taken in the forth slot with a X8 PCI Express connection driven from the IDT PCI Express switch on this motherboard.


The Areca RAID controller with the P5W64 WS shows a distinct advantage for write performance over a X8 PCI Express link with the on-board switch versus the X4 link on the Southbridge, whether in a two drive RAID 0 configuration or three drive RAID 5 setup.  Virus scan, which is virtually all read request workload, shows a similar but less pronounced performance scale between the setups.  And again the ICH7R is completely outclassed by the hardware-assisted RAID solutions listed above.  This is to be expected of course and it's important to remember that ICH7R RAID functionality is basically a free-bee with the 975X chipset.

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