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The Asus P4S800D-E  Motherboard
Pentium 4 Powered Performance With The SiS 655TX Chipset

By: Dave Altavilla
December 22, 2003


SPEC Viewperf 7.1
Professional CAD and DCC Testing

Although one might conclude that SPEC Viewperf is also graphics intensive, since many of its tests are 3D Modeling and Rendering benchmarks, in actuality it is heavily processor and memory bandwidth dependent as well.

Again, although the lead is not a huge one in each test, the SiS 655TX driven Asus P4S800D-E opens up another can of whoop-ass on the competition here and sweeps the entire Viewperf test suite.  So, while we were initially a bit put off by this board's finicky ways with SATA drives, that is now beginning to fade as a result of the 655TX's ability to consistently beat out the i875P and VIA PT880 in every test so far.

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory and Unreal Tournament 2003
Hardcore Gaming Action

We'll wrap up the testing with a bit of OpenGL and DirectX based game benchmarking.  Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is now our standard OGL based gaming test, at least until Doom3 arrives.  It is a heavily modified and enhanced Quake 3 engine title.  Unreal Tournament 2003 needs no introduction really but it is a DirectX 8.1 based title that, like Wolf ET, is very CPU and Memory performance sensitive.


That pretty much covers all the angles of performance for this new chipset from SiS and we feel it's safe to say that have they highest performance Pentium 4 solution on the market today, with the 655TX.  The Asus P4S800D-E once again takes a significant lead over the PT880 and i875P motherboards, in our Wolfenstein ET custom demo playback test.  It then moves on to just edge out the i875P Canterwood board, in the low resolution UT2003 Bot Match test.  You can't argue with the benchmark numbers here from the SiS 655TX and the Asus P4S800D-E.  It was consistently faster than the competition from VIA and Intel, in nearly every test we ran.



To say we were surprised by the performance put forth by the Asus P4S800D-E, would be a total understatement.  Truth be told, we were a bit shocked that the SiS 655TX could compete and surpass the best that Intel has to offer in the i875P and even the latest offering from VIA.  With the exception of its somewhat immature drivers for Serial ATA, this new SiS chipset was stable and strong throughout testing, taking the lead from the competition in all but our PCMark 2004 Hard Disk test.  While we were initially put off by this motherboard's fussy SATA drive compatibility issues, those issues began to pale, as the P4S800D-E took benchmark after benchmark with excellent performance characteristics.  Not to mention the feature set of the 655TX is as complete as anything currently on the market, with asynchronus memory timings and ratios available, that you won't find in any other chipset.  We also shouldn't forget to mention its next generation Prescott P4 compatibility, which will keep things future proofed for what's on the horizon from Intel in early 2004.

Consider as well, that Asus brings forth a well rounded bundle, complete with extra USB and Firewire back plates and associated cabling, all for an expected market price of around $100.  Yes indeed, bang for your buck is big time with the P4S800D-E and the new SiS 655TX chipset.  Drop in new SATA drivers and performance, a BIOS revision of maturity and this board gets as close to current perfection as you get. 

For now, we're giving the Asus P4S800D-E a solid 8.5 on the Heat Meter.




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