ASUS N10Jc, A Performance Netbook

Presentation & Warranty

The N10 comes packaged with a large bundle of accessories and plenty of reading material. The N10 bundle is quite different from the usual Eee PC bundles and has much more in common with the bundle included with the high-end ASUS U6S ultraportable, which is the standard bundle for ASUS ultraportables. Amusingly, ASUS has even included the S-video-to-component video adapter from the U6S bundle, despite the fact that the N10 lacks an S-video port. Obviously a HDMI-to-DVI adapter would have been much more useful here, since the N10 actually has an HDMI port for the adapter to plug into. Other than the missing HDMI adapter, all of the essential items are included to get you started. Packaged accessories include the power adapter, micro-fibre cleaning cloth, reusable velcro cable tie driver disk, utility disk, recovery disk and the aformentioned S-video adapter. Reading material includes a user manual, quick installation guide, warranty booklet, ADW registration card and Express Gate manual.

ASUS N10 - Packaging, Accessories, Notebook Sleeve

Like most ASUS notebooks and netbooks, the N10 comes with a notebook sleeve. The sleeve included with the N10 has a binder-like design. Zippers run on three sides of sleeve, like a binder and a large flap can also hold the sleeve closed with a button. If it wasn't for the large ASUS logo, the notebook sleeve could easily be mistaken for a binder by colleagues and would-be theives alike.

The sleeve itself is semi-rigid but does not have any padding. It will protect your N10 from scratches, bumps and the elements but will likely be useless in the event of a drop. The inside of the sleeve is one large compartment with a small flap off to one side for holding accessories. However fitting both the N10 and the power adapter into the sleeve makes for a very tight fit. This is dissapointing since there are no external pockets. Overall the sleeve is a nice addition that should serve most people well, but the accident prone will want to invest in something with more padding and pockets for accessories.

 ASUS N10 Warranty
 Full-size Coverage On A Mini-size Netbook

For some time now ASUS has offered a fairly impressive warranty package, called ASUS 360, on all of their notebooks sold in the US and Canada. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the Eee PC line-up isn't eligible for this package presumably because they are "netbooks" and not "notebooks". However, possibly as a result of the ASUS notebook team's involvement, the N10 will receive full coverage under the ASUS 360 plan. To sweeten the deal further, N10's bought in the US or Canada are also eligible for a full year of ASUS' Accidental Damage Warranty (ADW) coverage, for free. All you need to do is register your N10 online within 60 days of original purchase. So what exactly do you get with ASUS 360 and ADW coverage?

The ASUS 360 warranty package gives ASUS owners to a two year global warranty which entitles you to free service at any ASUS service center, in person or via shipping. The battery, AC adapter and any ASUS branded accessory included with the notebook also receive one year of warranty coverage. The ASUS 360 package also includes a 30-day zero bright-dot guarantee which means if even a single bright-dot (stuck on pixel) is found within 30 days of purchase, ASUS will replace the entire screen free of charge. All warranty service includes free overnight express shipping, both ways. Additional details and instructions on how to make a RMA claim can be found on the ASUS 360 promotional page.

Register your US/Canadian ASUS N10 to receive one year of Accidental Damage Warranty

Register your ASUS N10 within 60 days of original purchase to receive one year of premium Accidental Damage Warranty (ADW) for free. This is an very comprehensive offer. If your registered ASUS notebook becomes damaged due to a power surge, fire, drop or spill, ASUS will take care of it. You can either register online or using the notebook warranty registration card included with all eligible ASUS notebooks.

There are some caveats to ADW coverage, however. It is not transferable. You will be required to pay for shipping to the repair facility although return shipping is free. ADW does not cover scratches and dents, incorrect or inadequate customer installation, it being lost or stolen, intentional damage, recovery or transfer of data stored on the notebook, or damages caused by acts of God or nature. ADW also doesn't apply to the battery or accessories.

The ASUS 360 warranty package with ADW coverage is some of the most comprehensive warranty coverage you can get on a notebook for "free" and in the past ADW was only available on higher-end ASUS business class notebooks like the ultra-portable U6S. This surely gives the N10 the top spot among netbooks for most comprehensive warranty coverage. For some people that alone may put it above the rest and it will surely be a major attraction for any company thinking about making the N10 live up to it's moniker of "corporate netbook".

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