ASUS G74-SX-A1 Gaming Notebook Review

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SiSoft SANDRA & Cinebench

We continued our testing with SiSoftware's SANDRA 2011, the System ANalyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant. We ran four of the built-in subsystem tests (CPU Arithmetic and Multimedia, Memory Bandwidth, Physical Disks).

SiSoft SANDRA Benchmarks
Synthetic Benchmarks 

Processor Arithmetic

Memory Bandwidth
Physical Disks
There are no big surprises in these tests; the G74SX-A1 pretty much aligns exactly with comparable hardware. However, in the Physical Disks test, you can see how an SSD would help elevate this system’s performance.

Maxon's Cinebench R11.5 benchmark is based on the company’s Cinema 4D software used for 3D content creation and tests both the CPU and GPU in separate benchmark runs. On the CPU side, Cinebench renders a photorealistic 3D scene by tapping into up to 64 processing threads (CPU) to process more than 300,000 total polygons, while the GPU benchmark measures graphics performance by manipulating nearly 1 million polygons and huge amounts of textures.

Cinebench R11.5 64bit
Content Creation Performance

Again faltering somewhat and failing to beat out the older G73SW, the G74SX-A1 hit moderate scores in Cinebench R11.5. Although this notebook was lower on the depth chart, the degree of separation for the top four systems is quite small. In other words, the G74SX-A1 mostly kept pace with the competition.

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