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Overclocking the EN7900GT TOP

As we neared the end of our testing, we spent a little time overclocking the Asus EN7900GT TOP using the readily available Coolbits hack.  The trick here is in overclocking an already overclocked card.  As such, we slowly raised the core and memory speeds until we began to see visual artifacts while running a game or benchmark, and/or the test system became unstable.

Overclocking the Asus EN7900GT
When factory overclocks just aren't enough


On the surface, it sounds a little silly to overclock the Asus EN7900GT TOP, when it's already running head and tails faster than the average 7900GT based card.  Still, it's nice to see if there's any headroom left out there that could result in some extra performance, and for free.  Our final results: 555MHz for the core (from a default speed of 520MHz) and 1.5GHz for the memory (compared to 1.44GHz).  It might not sound all that impressive - that is, until you realize that a stock 7900GT runs at 450MHz/1.3GHz.  Our extra overclocking foray resulted in a total increase of 105MHz for the core (a 25% overclock over stock speed), and 200MHz for the memory.  The gains we received are shown in the graphs - nothing huge, but worthwhile nonetheless.

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